This weekend at NEC, streaming in abundance

KN will be streaming Injustice Pools, MK9, UMK3 and MKII this weekend, Dec 6th through 8th, at Big E Gaming’s NEC in Philadelphia which is slated to be a massive event, anywhere up to 2,000 players spread across over a dozen games. Saturday will be Injustice casuals and pools likely starting around 11AM and then MK9 top 4 or 8 in the middle, finishing out hopefully Injustice top 16 through top 8 Saturday night. Top 8 Injustice will be on Team Spooky Sunday morning/afternoon. Sunday will be whatever leftover special events that are to take place like teams or what have you, and UMK3/MKII tournaments and casuals to finish out the night. Keep an eye out on twitter and watch for twitch live updates.


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