Winter Brawl comes through big time!

Super thanks to everyone who attended and helped at Winter Brawl! Mega congrats to @KDZaster for making that huge come back and taking Injustice! Also, the MKII balance hacks seems to be a huge success. We’ll see where it goes from here

MKII Balance Hack tournament results:

1. KN Mikemetroid
2. OBS JamessMK
3. Billy Awesomo
4. KN Shock
5. Cibernetico
5. CT Justin
7. Kyle Winston
9. EMP Tom Brady (DQ)
9. Comeback (DQ)

Thank you to Big E and Bifuteki for supplying a back up 4G for us when ours couldn’t get signal. KN really appreciates it.

Videos from the 10 v 10 will be posted later in the week that didn’t make it to the stream.

Thanks again everyone.


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