Here you will find results from past tournaments, and if the tournaments have any special value towards national rankings for players, such as Evo seeding points, locations, etc. The tournaments listed will be any events that are streamed, affiliated, organized, promoted, run, sponsored or endorsed by KombatNetwork directly. This doesn’t have to be just a list of tournaments KombatNetwork attends. If you’re an affiliate, or if you simply want your results posted, all you have to do is submit them in our about section through our contact method, if we haven’t already posted them ourselves. We like to stick to MK results, but if you run an event that headlines with MK and has side tournaments, feel free to submit those as well. This section will eventually be color coded, more complete, better organized and displayed, so please excuse the WIP.

Use the drop down Navigation Menu to sort results by year, or search by game (WIP). Click “All Results” to see a single page with all current results. If results from any tournaments are not posted or are incorrect, please contact us and let us know about the missing/incorrectly posted tournaments (we know some are missing particularly from 2011).

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