KombatNetwork consists of many individuals with many different talents and functions within the MK/NRS and Fighting Game Community in general. Most importantly, it consists of all the people who play competitively, at casual sessions, attend tournaments and especially online, because without players, there’s no purpose or content.


The Immediate KombatNetwork Staff:

Shock – Owner and Admin of, and, Admin of TYM, manager of the Marlboro Slaughterhouse, Tournament Activities Consultant and equipment manager to YesterCades, LLC, 8 on the Break, Red Bank Rumble and Monster Island Tournaments, 12 year staff member of Big E Gaming east coast tournaments including NEC, Summer Jam and Winter Brawl, 6 year staff member of East Coast Throwdown, newly minted staff member of Final Round, 2 year staff member for GUTS and 2 year staff member for TFC.

Senior tournament organizer, senior event producer, senior event director, senior event promoter, senior PR representative, senior web author/editor, senior stream producer, senior equipment and inventory manager, lead sponsor, lead bracketing supervisor, lead bracket runner, tech supervisor, web and stream graphics designer, photographer, commentator, etc.

You can follow Shock on Twitter: Follow Matt on Twitter

Summoning – Admin of KombatNetwork and owner of UltraSpecCables and

Senior sponsor, event producer, PR representative, lead equipment and inventory manager, tournament organizer, event promoter, bracket runner and motivational and technological resource.

You can follow Summoning on Twitter: Follow Nit on Twitter

9.95 – Admin of KombatNetwork, manager of Valley Stream Monsters, TYM moderator.

Lead stream producer, senior commentator, senior stream graphics designer, senior trophies and awards designer, lead event producer, lead tournament organizer, lead event director, lead bracketing supervisor, lead PR representative, lead event promoter, lead bracket runner, equipment and inventory manager, sponsor, photographer and interviewer.

You can follow 9.95 on Twitter: Follow Phil on Twitter


Main Web and Tournament staff:

DreemerNJ – Admin and web developer/designer of,,, and, senior engineer and web developer of UltraSpec Cables and RiteAV, technical advisor to TYM and The One Man Think Tank and resident Webmonster. You can follow DreemerNJ on Twitter: Follow Mike on Twitter

STORMS – Owner and Senior Admin of, tournament organizer, lead event promoter, bracketing supervisor, lead photographer, lead videographer and lead interviewer, etc. You can follow STORMS on Twitter: Follow Scott on Twitter

Mikemetroid –  Senior bracketing supervisor, Lead Tournament coordinator, Lead bracket seeder, lead technical support, lead bracket runner, event production assistant, stream assistant, equipment manager, TYM moderator. You can follow Mike on Twitter: Follow Mikemetroid on Twitter

Ray Riazy – Senior bracket runner, tournament coordinator, bracket seeder, hype generator, stream commentator, stream assistant. You can follow Ray on Twitter: Follow Ray on Twitter

Rapzilla – Lead bracket runner and tournament coordinator, equipment manager, founder of the Monster Island Tournaments circuit which runs in direct conjunction with KN events. You can follow Rapzilla on Twitter: Follow AJ on Twitter

ChiefGief – Scouting for potential new sponsorships, collaborates with main staff for future endeavors and bridge builder towards the FGC at large.  You can follow ChiefGief on Twitter: Follow Ed on Twitter

Pherleece – Assistant/backup stream producer, commentator, off stream match archiver, bracket runner, etc. You can follow Pherleece on Twitter: Follow Chris on Twitter

Additional Bracket Runners Commentators and Tournament staff:

Frantastic – You can follow Frantastic on Twitter: Follow Frantastic on Twitter
Darth Arma – You can follow Darth Arma on Twitter: Follow Darth Arma on Twitter

Up and Coming Staff or KN authors:

Jkun Prime – You can follow Jkun on Twitter: Follow Jkun Prime on Twitter

Off Location Staff:

Zaq MK – Admin of TYM and, event promoter, online tournament organizer, web designer etc. You can follow Zaq on Twitter: Follow Zaq on Twitter

Tim Static – The most vocal contributor of the MK community, liaison to NetherRealm Studios, tournament organizer, event promoter, bracket runner, web author, hype machine, etc. You can follow Tim on Twitter: Follow Tim on Twitter


Web and Art Staff:

Serena – Admin of, lead web designer of, engineer, editor and consultant, Burgermeister, etc. – You can follow Serena on Twitter: Follow Serena on Twitter

Kazi – Stream and web graphics designer, owner of You can follow Kazi on Twitter: Follow Kazi on Twitter

GoldenOreos – Web graphics designer. You can follow GoldenOreos on Twitter: Follow GoldenOreos on Twitter

There are also members of the KombatNetwork staff who frequent tournaments, help us coordinate players, assist players with transportation, supply equipment/games, assist or commentate on stream and run brackets such as Dark_Rob, Rob Siegel, JamessMK, AC1984, Claude VonStroke, and Swift Tom Hanks.

Some clips from interviews with Shock, Summoning, 9.95, Hitoshura and footage of the goings on at Revolution X from YesterCades in January, 2012. Enjoy! Watch the interview here!

The History of the MK Scene by Shock

Tom Brady, 9.95, Tim Static and Dark Rob all on Podsumaki talking about the anticipation of MK9.

Video Game Central interview with Shock from ECT2


Role Designation Terminology:

Admin = administrator
Senior = primary responsibility
Lead = secondary role
No designation = reserve or backup
Manager = direct coordinator

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