Sonic Fox Reign of Terror Continues! GUTS3 comes to an end!

Yet another win for Sonic Fox under his slim belt. Results for Injustice from GUTS3:

1. RG RM Sonic Fox
3. Pecka Powa
4. RM EMP Dartharma
5. BIFU Insayne
5. Ben Beeach
7. McWiggle
7. IMBlackJames
9. G4S WAG Claude VonStroke
9. Defeating Fungus
9. Cpt Xecution
9. G4S WAG Cossner
13. Ken123103
13. DUMB455T3R
13. Cloud
13. Stranger
17. UGS Bboy Dragon KP/DM
17. HSG Tom Nook
17. MFGA PredatorPancake
17. Chatterbox
17. Ace of Knaves
17. Shock
17. Dragon Man
17. Steve Lee
25. Ant
25. RocWing
25. Viser Guy

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Next up on the KN train, GUTS3 at Foxwoods Casino in CT!


For anyone in the North East who hasn’t decided yet, GUTS3 is right around the corner with Injustice and MK being streamed by KombatNetwork! Tons of other popular games being run, with over 500 facebook confirms for the event! September 19th through the 21st!

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Summer Jam weekend results in Sonic Perfection!

In a recent string of major wins, Sonic Fox continues to dominate and takes Injustice while Perfect Legend reclaims elite status in MK9. Injustice top 3 consisted of a mix of NRS evo winners, with Sonic Fox (2014 MK9 and Injustice Evo champion), KDZ (2013 Injustice Evo Champion) and Perfect Legend (2011 and 2012 MK9 Evo Champion). Can it get any better than that?

Also was the debut of the new UMK3 Tournament Edition Hack to close out the weekend which came to critical acclaim. More on this as it develops.

For more info about summer, please visit TestYourMight

Perfect Legend Wins MK9 at Summer Jam 8

Sonic Fox Wins Injustice at Summer Jam 8

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Fantastic Double Shot Weekend!

A bit late, but I would like to thank Rapzilla of Monster Island Tournaments, and Team Always Godlike, Kazi, Joe Lewis and Annie, as well as YesterCades Super Smash East Coast TO ChainAce for allowing KombatNetwork to be featured on two great locals, each event drawing approximately 50 players a piece.

Saturday the 16th was “King of the Monsters” took place on Long Island at a fabulous Dave and Busters. Games featured were Injustice, KI, MK9, USF4, Marvel and UMKII:TE. This was the final event for the season of several monthly tournaments that had some lead in with weeklies towards the beginning. Definitely reminiscent of VSM back when MK9′s east coast was leveling up and leading to On the Edge at Gamer’s Edge. Many awards were presented, frauds were exposed, fun was had. KN is directly in support of Monster Island and continues to work hard to bring quality tournaments and content to players everywhere.

Sunday the 17th was “BBQBTL” which was an inaugural event run by community member and player Joe Lewis. This event was unique in that it was outdoors at an Elk’s Lodge Park under the cafeteria picnic area. This event was a charity for Emmanuel Cancer Foundation and raised $700 in online and at the door donations. Games featured were USF4, Smash Melee, Marvel, MK9 and 3rd Strike. Everyone was surprisingly satisfied with the venue arrangement, which can accommodate around 400 people easily, along with physical activities available around the picnic area. We look to do more work with them in the future.

Thanks again to everyone.


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KombatNetwork welcomes OBS Jkun Prime to the family!

An avid and dedicated tournament goer, Green Lantern player, and outspoken member of the community, Jkun Prime is now an aspiring staff member and representative of KombatNetwork. Like several other members we have recruited as of late, he has joined KN of his own volition to help develop the brand. We look forward to developing a close relationship with Jkun and finding the perfect place in our family for him!

OBS Jkun Prime

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