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@KombatNetwork welcomes EGP’s MFSlayer @FRANKTHEFOB once again through “every little bit helps” sponsorship, this time for NEC!

Well that’s one more West Coast player making it out to NEC, the hypest event on the east coast all year!

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November 15th, 2014 – Monster Island BirthRight: IGAU/ MK9/ USF4/ KI3/ MVC2/ UNIEL/ UMK3:TE


Monster Island BirthRight: IGAU/ MK9/ USF4/ KI3/ MVC2/ UNIEL/ UMK3:TE

Chat about it here

1. Pre-reg is now $15 and at the door is $20. Down from $20/25. To Pre-Reg please send as a gift to via PayPal (please include gt/games) or you can catch me in person at The Arena on LI or 8 on the Break in NJ from time to time. Pre-Reg closes Thursday 11/13.

2. Meal plan $15 bucks gets you free refills on soda/water and access to the buffet that includes boneless wings, boned wings, bar burgers, quesadillas, pizza bites & pigs in a blanket. Only 25 packages available as of now, if it sells out I’ll see about ordering more. So if you pre-reg venue + food +soda is only $30 total!

3. This room has A/C!!!!! Hail, hail! #1 complaint addressed!

4. Medals for 2nd and 3rd place. Season 1 had 1st place only trophies but now 2nd and 3rd will be recognized as well!

5. Officially adding MvC2 and UNIEL to the lineup! (UMVC3 has been dropped)

6. Streamed by the one & only @Sabin @

7. The new version of UMK3:TE will be playable here as well!!! Thanks to @Shock

8. Standings from Season 1 will carry over into Season 2 and can be found here:…eason-1-power-rankings-updated-8-22-14.40746/

The Basics”

IGAU, MK9, USF4 will be played on XB360 * KI on XB1 * MvC2 on Dreamcast * UNIEL on PS3*

All setups will have Asus Monitors and most will have external speakers. *MvC2 will have CRTs

MK9, KI3, UNIEL and USf4 (double blind pick allowed) will be 2/3 double elimination. IGAU will be 3/5 double elimination throughout. ALL GAMES loser picks stage/character. Grand, Winner, Loser Finals is 3/5.

MvC2 : No game breaking or game freezing glitches. Juggernaut glitch is allowed Each character can only be picked once per team. Switch glitch allowed on win or loss, must keep same order on win. 2/3, 3/5 finals, 4/7 Grand finals. @G4S J360

IGAU is double random stage select, loser chooses to keep stage or go back to double random/change character. INTERACTABLES ARE OFF. Both players must turn them off before selecting the stage.

1st Place trophies for all games, 2nd/3rd place medals.

Games with more than 8 entrants 70/20/10 split, anything less is winner takes all.

Tourney Schedule:

Mk9 at 4 PM
KI3 at 4:30PM
MVC2 / UNIEL at 5 PM
Food comes out at 6 PM (pre-reg :D )
USF4 at 7 PM
IGAU at 9 PM

Stream Schedule:

Mk9 4-6PM
KI3 Top 4 6-7PM
USF4 7-9PM
MVC2/UNIEL we will try to sprinkle in Top 4s during USF4/IGAU.


For those not familiar with Dave & Busters it’s a sports bar arcade. Games, food, drinks all available to you at any time!!

For my friends traveling by train, take it to the Farmingdale LIRR Station, 5 minutes away I will arrange pickups!!

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KombatNetwork promo shots from TFC by Shinob-e

KN Shinob-e

Check out these and more at and like him on facebook

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Written interview with Shock on

Photo credit: Chris Bahn of Put That Back.

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Dynasty Network interview with Shock from TFC!


Dynasty Network

By Lawrence KingdomMillionare Gilmer
New Interview up with the KombatNetwork! Be sure to check it out!


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