KombatNetwork to stream this weekend at Final Round!

4PM – 7PM Soul Calibur Pools through to finish

7PM to 11PM – Killer Instinct Pools

10AM to 12PM – Killer Instinct Top 8
12PM to 3PM – Injustice through to finish

3PM on – Aftermath until ballroom closes possible MK9/Injustice money matches, team matches, UMKII:TE and UMK3:TE exhibitions.

Sunday: TBA Possible MK9/Injustice exhibitions but likely nothing after 5PM

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KN’s HellRaiser donation drive, raffle and fundraiser! Stream March 28th!

Check out the raffles section under www.kombatnetwork.com/raffles for all information!

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KombatNetwork is gearing up for Mortal Kombat X and needs your help!


Attention FGC, NRS players and the likes. KombatNetwork humbly requests your help! In the past, many generous offers have been made to assist KN with what is known to be notoriously expensive finances, that have totaled nearly $10,000 in the last few years, and now is the time to help. KN will be running a non-profit fundraiser, or a “Hell” raiser, on March 28th all day to help our North East team offset the tremendous and continual costs for supplying equipment and guarantee the best possible experience for our players. Of those involved, will be KombatNetwork, Monster Island Tournaments, and Valley Stream Monsters.

The round about goal is $2500 which = 5 systems and 5 digital copies of MKX. There are already pending donations on hand waiting to be made. Other methods of affordably purchasing PS4s are still being explored to help reduce the fundraiser goal.

For MK9 and Injustice, it was much easier, and more affordable to gather inventory because these costs came up gradually over time, as they were released rather late into the lifespan of then current generation systems, PS3 and XBOX 360, and even still a lot of money was wasted determining the best system to play on, and the inevitable releases of bonus packs, such as Komplete Edition MK and Ultimate Edition Injustice. On top of that, a number of discs were lost in the process due to “pop offs” rendering them unusable. It should be noted that very little money is made, if any, on KN run events as they are done for the community in the most cost effective ways possible.

Regardless of all this, we have built an accumulative stockpile of systems, games and Asus monitors over the years that KN, Monster Island, and VSM all share and help enhance local events. However, with PS4s still being in the $400 range, and special edition MKX being $90, a reasonable cost to even begin supplying the demand would be in the $2000 range. KN was also financially backed by UltraSpec/RiteAV on a 60/40 ratio for all inventory.

Some of you might say “Well, why should I donate just so you can get some PS4s?” To sweeten the pot and make the donation effort more attractive, our goal is to compensate all donations in some form or another. For example, any single donation of $10 will get a testyourmight.com member who is in good standing (ie: not banned) a premium membership to TYM generously honored by STORMS, administrator of TYM. Or if you already have that, a choice of product from the UltraSpec/RiteAV catalog to be posted, featuring, HDMI, Component, Toslink, Ethernet, audio adapters, power cables, game cables and what not, for your home entertainment needs. So, unless you specify your donation to be uncompensated, every donation can be compensated. $20 gets you two items, etc.

In addition, KombatNetwork hoodies/jerseys will be available for any donations of $50, and for $100 donations, KombatNetwork will offer an a temporary advertising plan for your website, stream, gaming team, clan, etc on the KN stream during local runs and majors. Remember with the release of MKX, there will be a lot of eyes on the stream in the early months. The full terms of this are to be decided and posted at a later time. Also, a combination of a hoodie and/or jersey and a more limited advertising plan, will be available for $100.

There will also be $10 raffle entries for limited items, such as original MK9 and MKAK PDP Sticks (with the ability to be dual modded/PS4 ready before delivery), other various sticks, controllers, PS3s with bundled games, a controller and HDMI/AV/power cables. The full/pending list of items will be posted on KombatNetwork.com.

We will also attempt to have some popular, high level players in attendance to do online challenges as another means of compensation for smaller donations, and some NRS merchandise to raffle off beforehand as well or to have your online match set featured on the stream.

This is to be done in the weeks prior to the stream only, through the website/email and the winners will be announced during stream. The regular donations will be done before and during the stream.

Items will be added as the days go by and a FB event page will be made with links to provide updates and a form how to choose your selections and provide us with your information. More information, items, giveaways, and rules to follow.

Donations to KombatNetwork are accepted all the time by paypaling donate@kombatnetwork.com , but this is specifically a fundraiser event designed to expedite the process so we can be sure to have as many systems available as possible.

So raise Hell on March 28th and tune in for an all day and night stream until the early hours of the morning for the KombatNetwork, Monster Island Tournaments, Valley Stream Monsters fundraiser!

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Quoted from the FaceBook Event Page:

This is an MKX ONLY tournament with a late celebration of RM STRANGER’s April 3rd Birthday. $10 venue fee, plus a $10 game fee for MKX. Venue will be capped after 50 registrations are taken, so do it ASAP, people! On-Site registration is NOW available!!

Doors open at 11 AM eastern. Will run until we’re done.

Post here after payment is sent, that way we can make sure not to exceed the cap! Thanks! Keep your PayPal receipt for verification when arriving at the venue.

Platform is PS4 only.

Stream: Twitch.tv/KombatNetwork

Send in your $10 venue fee and $10 Tournament fee to Eviler86@yahoo.com through PayPal. Make sure to include your gamer tag when doing so! So a total of $20.

All $10 venue fees are going to KN to help with new equipment/systems. Things like that. The other $10 for MKX goes in towards the pot for the tournament.

Make sure to provide proof of registration with your paypal receipt, especially players who might show up that we are unfamiliar with. If you do not have paypal, there are plenty of people who will paypal your information for you, so ask around.

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KombatNetwork welcomes MGFC Chain-Ace to the family for Final Round 18!

That’s right players, Smash Bros Melee players can look forward to seeing Chain-Ace compete at Final Round this year. Through the alignment of the stars, a very simple agreement has been made and we wish him the best of luck at this event!

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