KN Slayer puts up a fight but is put down by EGP_Wonder_Chef at NWM7!

Check out the full Challonge Bracket here:

Congrats to EGP_Wonder_Chef for taking this event!

Nice job Slayer, and thank you for your continuing support of KombatNetwork! We love you!

Check out videos here:

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Check out the Armory with Pig of the Hut!

That’s right, you’re reading correctly, KN is proud to showcase an important step forward in the FGC, and it’s the Armory, with your host, Pig of the Hut!

Check out episode 1 here

and follow it up with #2.

This is a fantastic, high quality production to help bring in some fresh blood for the MKX scene and educate those who might be interested in learning how to get better, as well as provide information on who to seek out and where to go for events all around the US and potentially the world.

We have been waiting several years for another MK game and with MK9 being the first game since the 90s to be taken seriously, MKX has a foundation of credibility to build up. We need to see record breaking attendance for an MK game if we want to get the credit we feel we deserve, so let’s give Capcom a run for its money and help build the FGC to a new level.

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“No Charge”:RM Decay Wins RM Stranger’s Birthday Bash MKX Tournament

For more info check out:

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The Final 3 Winners!

Congratulations to:

Scoot Magee for winning a copy of MKX with Kombat Pack

DownFourality for winning the MK9 PDP Stick

Styroteqe for winning the vintage SNES/NES Capcom Fighter Stick

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Hell has risen!

Thank you ALL for participating and joining us for the HELLRaiser! We had about a dozen or so players here at the Arena, everyone had a good time interacting with the stream players and playing casuals on hand. We did about a solid 14-15 hours of streaming and raised an additional ~$800 on top of the first ~$1100+ and we are more than grateful at the generosity of the FGC. We look forward to putting on better events, with more accessibility and prepared equipment in the future.

There are three raffles remaining with low turnouts that will continue until filled, or Saturday April 4th. The non-raffle style items will continue to be available indefinitely. They remaining raffles are:

XBOX PDP (MK9 PDP arcade stick or PS3 by choice)

SNES Capcom Stick (the SNES/NES Arcade stick)

MKXKP (MKX with Kombat Pack) for more info

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