Upcoming Locals for KN

Players don’t forget these upcoming locals directly supported by KombatNetwork´╗┐ –

https://www.facebook.com/events/810103542366735 January 17th

and Berserk

https://www.facebook.com/events/770807456337670/ Februardy 7th, streamed and supplied by KombatNetwork

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KIT is a mission complete!

Perfect Legend takes MK9 and EMPR Jupiter takes Injustice! Congratulations players. This event seemed to live up to the hype!

For more info head over to http://testyourmight.com/

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Mikemetroid is hosting an online Killer Instinct tournament today! Signups and info are here on TYM:


This event will be streamed starting at 9PM through the KombatNetwork channel! twitch.tv/kombatnetwork

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Free Play or Die Hard! They came out with a Vengeance.

Fantastic tournament at YesterCades of Somerville. Thanks so much to Gary for taking care of us for this event and all his staff whom I’m less familiar with since I can’t make it up to Somerville on a regular basis like Red Bank. So thanks Ken Kalada for opening the 2nd location, which seems to be a good spot for a lot of players. All games did about the same turnout with the exception of Marvel 3. Where’s Marvel? UMK3:TE had a solid showing with 14 players, 2 players need to be put On BLAST for not getting to signups on time which would have made it 16. This was a free tournament with a $100 bonus supplied by MGFC Chain-Ace. Thanks man! KI turned out 10 very good players, with some missing out on the event for various reasons. This tournament was run on the same weekend as the KI release party tournament was last year. CvS2 and 3rd strike managed to outdraw Marvel 2 getting 8 players per game. Overall around 60 players showed up for this local and had a grand time. Thanks to all my KN staff, Mikemetroid, Ray Riazy, Rapzilla, ChiefGief, Kazi of Always Godlike, DyNicksty of Red Bank Rumble, Chain-Ace of Tunes Tuesdays, and we were pleased to enlist the help of D Speedshifting for KI, who also supplied a $100 bonus for the event. Thank you also to Jaxel of 8wayrun for streaming this event for us again! Thank you to everyone who attended, was patient, had a great time, cleaned up, moved a box. etc. You are all great.

Some of the final results need to be completed on the Challonge Brackets, but the top 3s are listed

http://challonge.com/DHInjustice – KN EMP RM KDZ, EMP RM DarthArma, JRosa
http://challonge.com/DHMK9 – KN Mikemetroid, G4s Claude VonStroke, G4S Cossner
http://challonge.com/DHKI – RM Shin Tristan, NS NickyVengenz, AKG Shin Paulo
http://challonge.com/DHUSF4 – KPB MannyFuerte, OG LilEvil, KN EMP RM KDZ
http://challonge.com/DHMVC3 – JRosa, EIF BIFU Insaynne, Static Gorilla
http://challonge.com/DHCVS2 – Rob Sigley, ManTan, Comeback Kyle
http://challonge.com/DH3S – Comeback Kyle, KN EMP RM KDZ, ManTan
http://challonge.com/DHUMK3 – NoDoubt, KN Shock, MGFC Chain-Ace

Videos can be found here on Jaxel’s 8wayrun youtube


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NEC15 is over and the Streak continues! KI gets Crazy!

Congratulations to Sonic Fox for winning YET another Injustice Tournament and another Mortal Kombat Tournament. I dare to think about training him in UMK3. He is a true Phenom.

Read about it here:


and here


Let’s not forget about this year’s KI EVO Champion and former KN representative, CD Jr brings home the gold again for Killer Instinct! Much love from the MK community, we can’t wait for you to return with MKX!

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