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SonicFox emerges from the smoke and dust of Stick Wars Episode 4

Congratulations to Sonic Fox for taking Injustice at Stick Wars, full results coming soon: 1. Sonic Fox 2. Grr 3. Rico Suave

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Shinnok’s Sirkle of Terror – Win a Playstation4 or Xbox One! Nov 9th

This online event will be streamed by KombatNetwork’s own 9.95 All information for this amazing contest can be found here: Much thanks to MKillBill for organizing this.

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Stick Wars Episode 4: A New Challenger is this weekend!

Big announcement, on behalf of the KombatNetwork end of this event, Jaxel will be streaming for us on 8WayRun as confirmed tonight. Tentative line up will be MK9, Injustice Pools, Brawl and Melee, plus other games if there is time. … Continue reading

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