The Marlboro Slaughterhouse

All future dates will be announced here, as they will be fairly well spaced out and not committed so a specific schedule.

KombatNetwork Arena presents: Kingdom Come (hosted by Rapzilla and Swift Tom Hanks)

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When: Saturday September 28th, 2013
Address: 2 Timber Lane Door 101 Marlboro, NJ – 07746

$10 Venue Fee
$10 Injustice Fee
$5 Mk9 Fee

Injustice:GAU will be played on 360/ Mk9 on Ps3.
7 setups with Asus Monitors and External Speakers.
IGAU will be Round Robin style with the Top 2 records in each division advancing to Winners/Losers bracket.
Mk9 will be the standard Double Elimination.
Injustice Character Auction. 8 random select characters will be chosen, whose your money on! Prize is a modded 360 with over 100+ games!
TV dedicated to showcasing upcoming matches and results.
Streamed by KombatNetwork, Doors open @ 4pm!
6:00-7:00pm: Mortal Kombat 9 double elimination tournament (ps3) ($5 entry fee/winner takes all)
7:00-8:00pm: Injustice single elimination character auction event (360) (prize is modded 360) (8 random characters auctioned to enter with a minimum bid of $5)
8:00pm-1:00am: Injustice Round Robin Tournament (360) ($10 entry, pot split is 70/20/10)
Just like Infinite Crisis, @SwiftTomHanksand Rapzilla will be running the brackets and not participating in the actual tournament to give you the best experience as possible!

Looking for a Max of 40 Kombatants!

The KN Arena in Marlboro NJ is currently under development and we will be opening it from time to time when schedules permit and it doesn’t interfere too much with other events. We had a soft open on March 15th which saw 14 players for MK9 and UMK3.

It is currently in a 430 sq ft office space. The area is very quiet, and comfortable for an elevated noise level, although this means that food is not immediately nearby (walking distance) so it must be delivered, or players will have to drive from the location to main highway about a mile away. Otherwise, we have a soda machine on hand. There is additional 600 sq ft of empty space available if events require it, but this space may not be available for long.

We currently have 10 Asus (5 graciously on indefinite loan from Sweet Johnny Cage of East Coast Throwdown notoriety) monitors available plus other monitors for backup. Every station has speakers and additional headphone jacks. We welcome additional setups to help make the events more robust.

We have 6 PS3s available, and soon – 5 Xbox 360s. We are working on having 10 available stations at all times. There are a handful of extra sticks, and gamepads on hand.

There is also a dedicated stream station, and a 15 foot+ projection screen which the projector will soon be mounted.

UMK3 cabinet (soon to have PSX pad supergun support) and a 360/Laptop ready SF standard style arcade cabinet for additional play. We are working to build up a library of games.

The idea is to help generate funds and interest through donations at the events and on stream for KN to produce better events, and streams in the future. It is also to promote premium events at locations like Gamer’s Edge for VSM’s KN events in Valley Stream, NY, Salty Sessions at Local Battles in Fort Lee, NJ, weeklies at 8 on the Break in Dunellen, NJ and YesterCades for RBR or other KN specific events in Red Bank, NJ. This has been in the works for quite a long time and due to personal obligations and time constraints, the Ultra Spec direct division of KN has not been able to supply the training facility we’ve been talking about for several years, but now is the time to do so. With Injustice right around the corner, what better way to help the North East scene develop its talent than to have another place for them to train?

Remember this is a warehouse, there are plenty of AV, gaming, household, recreational, and other cables and what not available for purchase, which all goes directly towards KN and the FGC, to be used to help make your experience better. Also visit (or and put KombatNetwork in the comments, where 100% of your purchase will be applied in the same manner, towards the FGC. We are the sort of place that could very well “have that cable” you’ve been looking for.

We are looking to develop this venture deeply, and utilize the concept for various things. Perhaps a green screen for player bio pics and creating a new regional team and doing crossover events. We would love to sponsor more players in the future if it is financially responsible to do so. We’re also looking to work with other gaming groups to run events if possible.

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Facility training center for KombatNetwork sponsored by UltraSpec Cables. Also known as The Kombat Network Arena. Scheduled opening is March 15th, 2013 at 7PM, located at 2 Timber Lane – Marlboro, NJ, door 101 to the right of the FiberCables sign. This is a donation based entry, so give whatever you like. The idea is to create a training environment for players in the North East, or those who want to visit, so they may hone their skill and perform better at tournaments in various games. The focus of course in MK.

Currently we have 5 PS3s, 5 Asus Evo monitors, 2 Xbox 360s, a UMK3 cabinet (soon to have SuperGun PS2 support) and an Xbox 360 ready arcade cabinet to give any new school games an old school feel. There will also be a permanent stream station on site with the objective of running frequent streams to promote KN and UltraSpec and raise revenue for future events, sponsorships, equipment, etc. There is a 100″ projector screen for the players’ viewing pleasure. More systems and cabinets will be on the way as we assess the financing.

The Arena will also be open to individual groups who want to run events. This is currently under development and more info will be available in time.

We hope to see some new faces come out of this and expand the FGC’s talent pool.

KN staff.

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