EGP Krayzie
Player Bio:

Sponsored for Evo 2013.
Sponsored for NEC14.

Currently a member of Epic Gamer Productions (EGP), Krayzie is a co-admin of and has been playing fighting games competitively for several years. He has also beta tested Mortal Kombat (2011) and Injustice: Gods Among Us at NetherRealm Studios in Chicago, Illinois for Warner Bros Entertainment. Known for his success in MKvDC and MK9, his credentials speak for themselves.

Main Character(s): Cyrax (MK9), Catwoman (Injustice)

Here is a list of Krayzie‘s tournament achievements:

Major Tournament Placings:


Power Up 2011: 5th
ReveLAtions: 4th
NEC 2011: 9th
ComicPalooza: 2nd
SCR 2011: 2nd
MLG Dallas: 9th
Evo 2012: 9th

Local Tournament Placings:


WNF 2.4: 4th
WNF 2.5: 7th
WNF 2.6: 5th
WNF 2.7: 5th
WNF 3.1: 5th
Final Strike: 2nd
WNF 3.3: 2nd
WNF 3.5: 3rd

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