Main stage at CT GamerCon!

CT GamerCon

What a weekend at CT GamerCon! Big thanks to James York for having KombatNetwork as a part of the event. We look forward to more events in the future. Thanks again to the Mohegan Sun AV staff for helping us get through the weekend and making the Smash Melee stream possible as I didn’t have all my equipment with me.

Here is the playlist from the event including footage from Super Smash Bros Melee, Pokken Tournament, UMvC3, and SFV featuring respective players Hungrybox, Captain Smuckers, KirbyKaze, Bosshogg, Tamn Son!, Evasion, Chris D, Noel Brown, GAM Dieminion, PIE SMUG, UpToSnuff and Zaferino.
CapCommentary by IFC Yipes, Persia and PIE Lee Chung

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